Things Heat up at the White Theater with Fahrenheit 451

It is said that many science fiction writers have been able to tell the future with their stories. The research they do when writing is based on current and future trends and can be almost prescient at times. Ray Bradbury was one of the most prolific sci-fi writers of all. He published more than 30... Continue Reading →

Don’t miss Over the River

Here's a secret for you... there are a LOT of theaters in the Kansas City area. Sure, you hear that all the time but you can never figure out where they are and what's playing when. That's the reason I took over KC Stage. Last night I had the opportunity to attend Over the River... Continue Reading →

Opening This Weekend

Our goal at KC Stage is to create the ONE place you can go to get information on what's playing in KC on any given day.  To that end, we are starting a weekly article to showcase the shows opening This week's openings: Bonnie & Clyde - Leawood Stage Company this weekend ONLY America's most... Continue Reading →

Review: Constellations at KC Rep

Have you ever wondered about how things might have been if you had made a different decision, no matter how small? What your life may have been or what subtle or significant changes these choices may have made?  Constellations at the KC Repertory Theater, which opened Friday on the Copaken Stage in the H&R Block... Continue Reading →

Welcome to KC Stage Blog

I moved here from Los Angeles a few years ago to find a better place to raise my two daughters.  I am a union actor and director as well as an entrepreneur who founded Now Casting as a way for professional actors to get work using the internet.  This changed how actors got hired for high... Continue Reading →

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