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I moved here from Los Angeles a few years ago to find a better place to raise my two daughters.  I am a union actor and director as well as an entrepreneur who founded Now Casting as a way for professional actors to get work using the internet.  This changed how actors got hired for high... Continue Reading →

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A Worthwhile Venture Into the Woods at TTIP

Happily ever after... Isn't that how all the stories end? Sondheim mixes several fairy tales into one to explore not just what it takes to get to happily ever after, but what happens after the happily ever after. Blending together the stories of Jack (Arthur Clifford) and the Beanstalk; Cinderella (Courtney Koval), Rapunzel (Rachel Adcock)... Continue Reading →

OCTA’s Unnecessary Farce is Necessary Fun

Farce can be a fickle thing. Comic timing, fast paced, sexual innuendo, physical comedy, mistaken identities, slamming doors, quirky plot twists and people trying to pretend to be someone else are all necessary elements of a great farce. Unnecessary Farce at OCTA has all of these and is a delightfully fun evening (or afternoon) of... Continue Reading →

A grand, funny and wicked Barber of Seville

There is a sort of tradition--though by no means religiously followed--for the Lyric to close out their season with something light. This year, they have followed that tradition with Rossini’s take on the first of Beaumarchais’s Figaro plays. What results is a gleefully silly performance that kept the audience laughing from beginning to end. Count... Continue Reading →

A Worthwhile Trip to Avenue Q

For those who don't know, be warned... The Tony Award winning Avenue Q that opened last night at the new Theatre in the Park Indoor space at the Arts and Heritage Center is definitely not for kids.  Yes, it has puppets and looks like Sesame Street, but with songs like The Internet is for Porn... Continue Reading →

New Moves takes you to new places

It is no secret that the annual "New Moves" show is this reviewer's favorite part of the ballet season. Devon Carney has once again brought new and emerging choreographers together for a night of being taken to new places. It is always exciting to watch an art form grow before your very eyes, and this... Continue Reading →

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