A Stunning Les Mis

Excellent lighting and set design present stunning images that highlight the scenes, and interesting projections are perfect for the needs of this travelling show. As advertised throughout the theatre, Les Mis is a music phenomenon, and this accomplished cast lives up to that praise with their memorable performance.

Heartfelt Anne of Green Gables at OCTA

As the days get darker and colder, the Olathe Civic Theatre Association responds to the chilly season by putting its audience in cozy seats for their interpretation of the famous coming-of-age-tale, Anne of Green Gables, directed by Heather Tinker. You’ll certainly feel at home, looking at the early 1900’s styled stage, maybe going to get... Continue Reading →

High Energy Sister Act at the Barn

In its last musical in their current space, The Barn’s Sister Act, directed by Guy Gardner, takes its audience on an energetic, sequin-covered ride, telling the story of a lounge-singer turned nun hiding in a convent to avoid being murdered.

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