I moved here from Los Angeles a few years ago to find a better place to raise my two daughters.  I am a union actor and director as well as an entrepreneur who founded Now Casting as a way for professional actors to get work using the internet.  This changed how actors got hired for high paying, high profile union jobs in television and films in Los Angeles.  I also co-founded iActing Studios which took the best acting teachers in Los Angeles and recorded their classes to allow actors from around the world to learn acting from them without having to move to LA.

When I arrived, I found there was no way to find out all the shows that were performing in the area.  KC Stage had stopped publishing and their web site was very old.  They had just done a great job of the publication, but the website wasn’t their focus.  They had a long tradition of covering all the many theater events in the greater Kansas City area and I thought what better place to start?  I took over KC Stage in 2016 and launched the NEW KC Stage website in January of 2017.  After the launch, I decided there should be a blog as well because there are so many things going on in this town that need to be covered.

This blog will be dedicated to the amazing people involved with theater in the Kansas City.  It will include Reviews, Interviews, Season Announcements, Events and anything else that has to do with live theater in KC!  I’m open to suggestions on what to cover, how to improve it and referrals to anyone who may want to contribute to this resource.

Kansas City has so much great theater.  Now it’s easier than ever to find it and learn about all the great things going on!


Bob Stewart

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