Anything Goes in Weston, MO

Weston is a small town north of Kansas City known for antiques and a day trip get away from KC. It's a pre-Civil War town with a quaint personality, a brewery, wineries and restaurants. They also have the Weston Community Theater which opened Anything Goes Wednesday night. I believe community based theaters are extremely important,... Continue Reading →

Grease is a slick production

We all know Grease was an iconic movie of the late 70's. It blended the feel of the 70's with the music of the 50's and was a huge hit that solidified John Travolta as a bonafide movie star. The musical was first performed in Chicago in 1971 and quickly made the move to Broadway... Continue Reading →

The Rumors are true… and funny to boot

Rumors. We've all heard them. Some of us have probably even been the source of some. And they are the basis for Neil Simon's play, Rumors, which opened at the Barn Players this weekend. This beautifully crafted farce tells the story of Charlie and Myra, but not from actual events, but through... you guessed it...... Continue Reading →

Fall in Love with She Loves Me at the Barn

On the heels of last year's Broadway revival, which was the first Broadway production to be live streamed in theaters around the country, The Barn Players have mounted their own production of She Loves Me which opened Friday. This musical is based on a 1937 Hungarian play Parfumerie. That play and this musical also were... Continue Reading →

Don’t miss Over the River

Here's a secret for you... there are a LOT of theaters in the Kansas City area. Sure, you hear that all the time but you can never figure out where they are and what's playing when. That's the reason I took over KC Stage. Last night I had the opportunity to attend Over the River... Continue Reading →

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